We drive growth and profitability for clients in a broad array of market segments

Regional/Independent Wholesale

CMG is the only national broker specializing in this segment.  We have longstanding relationships with over 1600 wholesalers and redistributors, and a portfolio of strong brands that provides ready access to buyers.  We bring solutions to brands with program recommendations and engagement.  We think about the end user (the customer’s customers).  Let us help you grow your business in this profitable and often overlooked segment

Direct Store Delivery

Our Distributor Sales team specializes in unlocking volume and revenue potential for Brands through the strategic alignment and partnership with DSD Distributors. The relationships that our team have with over 40 Distributors throughout the U.S provides organic growth opportunities for new and recognized Brands. Our experienced Leadership team with over 50 years of CPG experience formulates an effective Go to Market Strategy that drives immediate results through measured daily market execution

Convenience Retail Sales

CMG engages convenience store wholesalers and retailers. We have established alliances with these customers to ensure our clients best-in-class brand management. Our relationships go beyond the buyer. We are connected to all departments within wholesalers and retailers, from Accounting to Marketing, from Pricing to Events Coordinator. department, the marketing team, the Pricebook manager, the events coordinator. We make it happen for our clients in this key channel of trade.


CMG has been in the vending channel since 2007, making an impact for the brands we represent. We have been successful with both emerging brands (bringing them to market) and well established brands. CMG takes a flexible approach, working with vend operators to drive demand for new items. We help brands use the vending channel to drive trial and awareness driving sales in retail.

We represent brands in attractive growth segments of these channels

  • These channels are highly relationship driven.
  • We have open lines of communication with our customers on what’s working and what isn’t.
  • We look at all the white space for the brand and collaborate with our customers on how our brand partners can maximize their opportunities. Through this process, we gain insight on competing brands which creates incremental growth opportunities for CPG companies to expand their portfolio horizontally and vertically.
  • We analyze and understand the size and scope of the opportunity for each brand partner. We work directly with our partners’ frontline sales and management teams to create plans and programs that deliver long-term brand growth with short-term objectives.

CMG gives you the ability to capitalize on the growth opportunities in this booming channel while using it as a springboard for winning in others.



Planning for Maximum Growth

We develop a plan to leverage brand features and benefits based on the competitive landscape, industry tactics, and customer and consumer dynamics. We determine if your brand is competitively priced, has adequate space and is positioned for awareness, trial and long-term performance.


Going One-on-One with Decision Makers

We work directly with our customers, communicating and implementing approved programs and pricing strategies. We ensure the brand is available, merchandised to drive awareness, priced to drive purchase intent, and given the space to support its velocity.


Managing for Long-Term Success

We actively manage for ongoing success, regularly gathering and reviewing brand performance data with our partners and resolving issues, from distribution to billing, that may arise between our partners and their customers.

CMG provides a path for addressing brand issues quickly and efficiently through a broad array of consumer channels

It offers a cost-effective and efficient method of engaging today's consumer through fast-growing independent retail and foodservice outlets.


Building brands in the future requires a fresh approach.

Ours has a proven record of exceeding client expectations on all key business metrics.