We leverage our expertise and national footprint to connect clients to a highly fragmented, difficult-to-serve universe of independent operators and distributors.

Our Services

Opportunity Assessment
We provide clients with a comprehensive overview of the opportunity for their brands and packages, detailing the size of the categories, the leaders and major brands playing in those categories, and providing a sales/volume projection for each brand that would be achieved through a partnership with CMG.
Pricing / Promotion Analysis
Securing distribution is an important first step. But if you want your brand to succeed long term, you have to have a thorough knowledge of these two key factors.  What is the pricing of brands and packages I’ll be competing with?  What types of promotions resonate with wholesalers and their customers?  When I invest in both price and trade spend, how do I know it worked?  CMG provides recommendations and unique solutions that have proven to deliver results for leading consumer packaged goods brands for nearly 15 years.
Program Planning
Wholesalers in this channel vary dramatically in the customers they serve, ranging from mobile foodservice, to stationary foodservice, to non-traditional retail. A one-size-fits-all approach has never proven effective.  CMG works with the brand owners on specific programs tailored to meet the needs of each wholesaler and the customers that shop there.
Competitive Analysis
Understanding the size of the opportunity is only the first step. Knowing the competitive landscape is critically important for a brand so that through a collaboration with CMG, plans can be built to ensure long-term success in this highly profitable channel.
Customer / Consumer Insights
CMG was founded by industry leaders that have more than 45 years of experience in the independent foodservice arena. That knowledge allows CMG to provide clients with information on the types of customers in this channel, a thorough understanding of the business model they employ each day, and the consumer demographics that purchase brands and packages from these independent foodservice operators.  This creates the PULL needed to accelerate a brand’s velocity, creating immediate awareness and relevance for these independent wholesalers.
We work continuously with our clients to review, analyze and learn from the brand’s performance. We feed our clients information on opportunities in real-time and provide unique solutions to capitalize on those opportunities.
Selling / Engaging Decision Makers
In this unique channel, the decision makers extend beyond just the wholesaler. Their customers, which are independent foodservice operators of all types, expands the selling universe creating a time and asset challenge for most consumer product companies.  And, the channel is comprised of independent wholesalers spread across the US, making vast, fragmented and extremely complex.  Most CPG companies employ limited resources against this channel, limiting the time to build relationships which is critically important to both the wholesalers and foodservice operators.
In-Outlet Execution
Within the Independent Wholesaler Channel, brand loyalty is very low while value can take center stage. Ensuring that brand pricing and programs get executed in-outlet is where CMG comes in.
Independent foodservice operators do not have time to thoroughly shop at a wholesaler, and given the number of brands and packages competing for their purchase, effective merchandising becomes critically important. By leveraging our relationships with these wholesalers, we are able to secure prominent position for the brands and packages of our clients.  This ensures brand awareness which often leads to repeat purchases delivering growth.
Space Management
CMG looks at this service in two ways. First, there’s the floor space.  As stated above, we work to ensure our brands have more than their fair share of the space allocated to the category.  But just as important is the warehouse or storage space.  Given that cash flow management is a leading decision factor in purchases, CMG works with wholesalers to ensure they focus their allocate the proper amount of cash in our client’s brands to not only secure the best deal, but to ensure they have plenty of inventory to satisfy their customer’s needs.
Program Activation
Planning is one thing – activation or implementation is another. Most companies do not have any sightline into the execution of programs they’ve invested in.  We’ve built relationships with wholesalers.  We engage them directly, selling the features and benefits of a brand’s programs knowing their needs and how these programs serve as a solution.
New Brand Activation
Innovation continues to be the major source of growth for consumer packaged goods companies. And independent wholesalers provide these companies with an opportunity to interact with consumers through 80 million transactions daily.  This creates a sampling universe that is unparalleled.  And it’s extremely cost effective, unlike traditional channels that require a heavy investment to secure distribution, trial and awareness.
Customer Service
Close, personal relationships can influence and drive key decisions with wholesalers. They want to know that they are recognized as a customer of the brands they purchase.  As a brand representative, CMG ensures a high level of customer service through our availability and timely responses to their needs.
Issue Resolution
One of the biggest deterrents for any brand – local, national or global – is their inability to address issues. Most issues go unresolved, as wholesalers and foodservice operators do not have direct contact with the brand.  Those that do, don’t often see timely responses, creating issues of loyalty and trust which are barriers to a brand’s long term success in this channel.

The CMG suite of services continually exceeds revenue and profit targets.

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We apply our experience with independent food-away-from-home channels to develop and build a brand and connect that brand to millions of consumers, consistently outperforming traditional channels.

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